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My delight and thy delight
a poem by Robert Bridges

My delight and thy delight 
Walking, like two angels white, 
In the gardens of the night:

My desire and thy desire 
Twinning to a tongue of fire, 
Leaping live, and laughing higher;
Thro' the everlasting strife 
In the mystery of life.

Love, from whom the world begun,
Hath the secret of the sun.

Love can tell and love alone,
Whence the million stars are strewn,
Why each atom knows its own, 
How, in spite of woe and death, 
Gay is life, and sweet is breath:

This he taught us, this we knew, 
Happy in his science true, 
Hand in hand as we stood 
'Neath the shadows of the wood,
Heart to heart as we lay 
In the dawning of the day.

My delight and thy delight
a poem by Robert Bridges

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