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A Saints Damnation
a poem by Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley

You buy my spirit with those shameless eyes 
That burn my soul, you loose the torrent stream 
Of my desire, you make my lips your prize, 

And on them burns the whole life's hope: you deem 
You buy a heart; but I am well aware 
How my damnation dwells in that supreme 

Passion to feel upon your shoulders bare, 
And pass the dewy twilight of our sin 
In the intolerable flames of hair 

That clothe my body from your head; you win 
The devil's bargain; I am yours to kill, 
Yours, for one kiss; my spirit for your skin! 

O bitter love, consuming all my will! 
O love destroying, that hast drained my life 
Of all those fountains of dear blood that fill 

My heart! O woman, would I call you wife? 
Would I content you with one touch divine 
To flood your spirit with the clinging strife 

Of perfect passionate joy, the joy of wine, 
The drunkenness of extreme pleasure, filled 
From sin's amazing cup. Oh, mine, mine, mine, 

Mine, if your kisses maddened me or killed, 
Mine, at the price of my damnation deep, 
Mine, if you will, as once your glances willed! 

Take me, or break me, slay or soothe to sleep, 
If only yours one hour, one perfect hour, 
Remembrance and despair and hope to steep. 

In the infernal potion of that flower, 
My poisonous passion for your blood! Behold! 
How utterly I yield, how gladly dower 

Our sin with my own spirit's quenched gold, 
Clothe love with my own soul's immortal power, 
Give thee my body as a fire to hold-- 
O love, no words, no songs--your breast my bower!

 A Saints Damnation - a poem by Aleister Crowley

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