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Ruth - a poem by Thomas Hood


She stood breast high amid the corn, 
Clasped by the golden light of morn, 
Like the sweetheart of the sun, 
Who many a glowing kiss had won.

On her cheek an autumn flush,
Deeply ripened; such a blush
In the midst of brown was born,
Like red poppies grown with corn.

Round her eyes her tresses fell, 
Which were blackest none could tell, 
But long lashes veiled a light, 
That had else been all too bright.

And her hat, with shady brim, 
Made her tressy forehead dim; 
Thus she stood amid the stooks,
Praising God with sweetest looks:

Sure, I said, heaven did not mean, 
Where I reap thou shouldst but glean,
Lay thy sheaf adown and come, 
Share my harvest and my home.

Ruth - a poem by Thomas Hood

A poem can stir all of the senses, and the subject matter of a poem can range from being funny to being sad. We hope that you liked this poem and the sentiments in the words of Ruth by Thomas Hood you will find even more poem lyrics by this famous author by simply clicking on the Poetry Index link below! Choose Poetry online for the greatest poems by the most famous poets. 

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