Self Publishing Poetry

Self Publishing Poetry

Self Publishing Poetry
If you have written a lot a poems the thought of Self Publishing Poetry probably has great appeal. To make the whole subject of Self Publishing poetry clear the following definitions detail the differences between working with a commercial publisher, a vanity publisher or self publishing poetry:

  • Commercial Publisher definition: A commercial publisher are highly selective as they derive their profit from the sales of a book. A Commercial Publisher is responsible for the entire process of producing books including editing, design, production, printing, promotion and marketing

  • Vanity Publisher definition: A vanity publisher is a somewhat derogatory term to describe book printers who are often referred to as subsidy publishers or joint-venture publishers. These companies are not selective and will charge an author, or poet, a fee in return for publishing their book and tends to make their profits from selling the book to the author. A book published by a Vanity Publisher is not afforded the prestige or recognition as those published by a Commercial Publisher

  • Self Publishing definition: Self publishing is dependent on the author who undertakes all of the functions of a commercial publisher. The self-publisher will often only need to rely on a printer only for actual printing and binding. The process of self publishing is fully financed by the author.

Publishing Poetry
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The Self Publishing Poetry Option
Authors, especially poets, often take the self publishing poetry option for the following reasons:

  • Poetry is a very niche area which commercial publishing companies would see as an unacceptable risk

  • The Self publishing poetry route is far more acceptable than vanity publishing

  • The advancements in technology have made the self publishing poetry option extremely attractive. These advances cover some of the following elements:

    • Desktop publishing systems

    • Print on demand opportunities

    • Xerography (or Electro photography) is a photocopying technique used to to reproduce images. Xerography is used in most photocopying machines as well as laser and LED printers and is now available to everyone

    • Marketing and promotion via the Internet's World Wide Web 

Reasons for Self Publishing Poetry
There are additional reasons as to why authors and poets opt for the self publishing poetry option:

  • Self Publishing Poetry allows the author total control over all aspects of book production and promotion

  • Self publishing poetry allows the author to obtain a larger profit from retail sales

  • The Self Publishing Poetry route allows unknown authors and poets the opportunity to publish their book

The Self Publishing Poetry Process - Ten Steps to Self-Publishing Poetry
Embarking on the self publishing poetry process is not as daunting as it sounds. Just follow the Ten Steps to Self Publishing Poetry and begin the process.

1. Undertake some research. Ask for criticism. Be honest and evaluate whether there is sufficient interest to warrant going down the self publishing poetry route

2. Get organised! Read everything you can about Self publishing poetry - become and expert, not an amateur! Produce a Project Plan detailing each task you need to take and any deadline dates you would like to meet.

3. Spend time on the Internet to find out what online information and services available. Think about marketing and promotion and look at the potential of using the World Wide Web

4. Make some basic decisions about size, layout, typeface, paper and binding styles. Get some estimates from printers about getting your poetry book bound. Use a good desktop publishing package and produce a manuscript of your poetry book

5. Start the process of getting your book printed at the printers you have selected. Start off with just a small print-run.

6. Publicity! Promotion! It's never too early to start your marketing campaign

7. Send out copies of your manuscript to publications for review - its a long shot but worth the effort if you succeed

8. Payments - Future orders for your Self Publishing Poetry book will require systems for distribution, to place orders, collect payments and shipping.

9. Collect your Self Publishing Poetry book from the printers and go out and celebrate!

10. Publish! Publicity! Promotion! Do everything you can to generate sales.

Hints on Self Publishing Poetry
  • Check out the possibility of Self Publishing Poetry electronically - there is information and help available from the Journal of Electronic Publishing, Ecommerce Digest, the Electronic Publishing Research Group and the Electronic Publishing Guide.

  • Before taking the Self Publishing Poetry route submit a selection of your work to magazines

  • Investigate the possibility of promoting Self Publishing Poetry on various internet sites

  • Don't be put off by Self Publishing Poetry - it is not the same as vanity publishing

  • Enjoy yourself - Self Publishing Poetry should be fun!

Self Publishing Poetry

   Self Publishing Poetry

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